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New flavors are being developed each day!!

GooseJuice is made out of natural and/or Artificial flavoring. All flavoring is USP Kosher Grade and Diacetyl Free! Nicotine is Pharmaceutical, PG, and VG are both USP/Kosher Grade. Goose Juice is great when its first made or let it steep and it becomes superior!!!! All GooseJuice is made at our store here in Asheville N.C. See Below For Flavor Description. Warning Cinnamon and Sour E Liquid is harsh on plastic tanks, we recommend using a glass tank for such Flavors.

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Goose Juice 30ML
Goose Juice 30ML
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Goose Juice 60ml
Goose Juice 60ml
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Goose Juice 4oz/120ml
Goose Juice 4oz/120ml
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Hometown Hero Premium E-Liquid 50ml
Hometown Hero Premium E-Liquid 50ml
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Hometown Hero Premium E-Liquid 100ml
Hometown Hero Premium E-Liquid 100ml
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Your Price: $29.99
Lazer Wolf
Lazer Wolf
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Flavor List Name Flavor Description
                                            Tobacco Flavors                                                                                       
555 Freeze Menthol mixed with RY4 tobacco
Black Bunny Cigar inspired vape with hits of vanilla and mild
Black Honey Honey Tobacco with a mellow undertone
Black Jack Creamy Chocolate tobacco
Blu Bacco Blueberry tobacco
Camel Tobacco eliquid
Casablanca Ry4 Tobacco with rich Graham Cracker
Cherry Tobacco Classic Cherry tobacco flavor
Coumarin Pipe Tobacco Vanilla Tobacco
Honey wood Tobacco Honey tobacco with a creamy note
Mad Tobacco tobacco with hits of vanilla and madness
Menthol Tobacco tobacco with menthol
Miami Rich Tobacco with a cooling sensation
Nutty Cowboy Tobacco vape with nutty tones
Peach Tobacco mellow peach with tobacco
Remington  Tobacco vape with a creamy undertone
Ring  Master Smokey Cigar vape
Red Box Closest Thing to a Cigarette
Red Back Tobacco flavor with notes of fire
RY4 Tobacco with a Carmel note
RYH Tobacco with Hazelnut
Swisher Sweet Cherry cigar
Turkish Tobacco Sweet Rich Turkish Tobacco
USA Mild Tobacco Regular tobacco flavor- full flavor
USA Full Tobacco Regular tobacco flavor- mild flavor
Western Tobacco Flavor
Whiskey River Tobacco flavor with a kick
Blueberry Frost Blueberry with a cooling sensation
Blue Ice Blue Raspberry with a cooling sensation
Bone fruity watermelon vape with a hint of cooling
Cherry Ice Cherry with a cooling sensation
Glacier Ice Straight menthol Flavor
Green mint Spicy green tea with cooling
Jungle Juice fruity with a cooling mint 
Orion Sweet and cool melon vape
Peppermint  Strong peppermint
Polar Flame cinnamon on the inhale and a cooling sensation on the exhale
Spearmint Ice Spearmint with a cooling sensation 
Strawberry Chill Cool Strawberry
Straw Melon Ice Strawberry, watermelon and mint
Wintergreen Strong Wintergreen flavor
Bubble Gum Juicy Pink Bubblegum
Candy Cane Candy Cane Vape
Candy Corn  Sweet Candy Corn
Cinnamon Candy Sweet hot cinnamon candy
Cotton Candy Sweet Carnival Cotton Candy
Fireball Fireball Candy *Can not be used in a plastic tank*
Fire Water Watermelon and cinnamon 
Fruit Strip Gum Zebra strip gum
Gummy Bear Juicy gummy bears
Juicy Gum Banana Bubble Gum
Lemon Head Sweet lemon candy
Mike & likes Candy inspired flavored
Pink Burst Chewy candy flavored vape
Red Hots Cinnamon Red Hot Candy * Can not go into a Plastic Tank*
Ruby Cinnamon With creamy undertones
Skittles Sweet Skittles
Sour Green Apple Sour Green Apple
Sour Pucker Lemon lime sour
Sour Melon Sour Watermelon 
Sweet Tarts Mixed sweet tart flavor
Banana Falls Banana chocolate mixed 
Banana Nut Bread Fresh Baked banana nut bread
Banana Puddin  Creamy Banana Pudding
Banana Waffle Waffle's topped with banana
Banana Split Banana, Strawberry, Pineapple and Ice Cream
Berry Delight Dragon Fruit mixed with cream
Birthday Cake Vanilla Birthday cake
Black Night Peanut butter and creamy chocolate
Bliss Strawberry Covered with White Chocolate 
Blueberry Cheesecake Creamy Cheesecake topped with blueberries
Blue Custard Sweet Blueberry with creamy custard
Blueberry Waffle Waffle's topped with Blueberry
Blue Dream Cream  Blueberries and cream
Bootleg Custard Creamy Maple Custard
Buttergram Butterscotch and gram cracker mix together
Bacon Savory Bacon Flavor
Carmel Candy creamy caramel candy
Carmella  Carmel and vanilla
Candy Apple Red Apple Covered In Carmel
Cheesecake creamy cheesecake
Chocolate Mint Taste like an Andy's mint
Chocolate Shake Chocolate milkshake
Chocolate Cherry Chocolate covered Cherries 
Chaos Blueberry pie!!
Cinnamon Toast Sweet Cinnamon toast vape
Cinnamon Roll Sweet Cinnamon Roll
Custard Roll creamy custard with notes of cinnamon bun
Cassco Rich Key lime flavor with a kick
Chocolate cream pie Creamy chocolate pie
Crunch berries favorite cereal flavored vape
Corn Maze Cinnamon, vanilla , mint vape
Custard Roll sweet and creamy cinnamon vape
Dark Raspberry  Rich Chocolate with Raspberry
Dream Beam Apples and cream dessert vape
Dream Cup smooth dessert flavor vape with notes of peanut butter cup
Dutch Apple Pie Fresh baked apple Pie
French Vanilla Savory Vanilla
Fluffy Nut Peanut butter vape
Fudge brownie chocolate fudge brownie
Fruity loops Nice milk vape with a fruity cereal
Graham Swirl Creamy vape with notes of graham cracker
Graham Cracker Smooth great flavor of graham crackers
Hazel Swirl Bold Hazelnut with rich cream under tones
Heavenly Graham cracker with heavenly cream
Hocus Pocus Magical Flavor infused with butterscotch
Honey & Milk Creamy milk and honey
Honey Butter Honey and Butter vape
Hyde Sugar cookie goodness
JinaFire Brown sugar and creamy goodness
Key Lime Pie Creamy Key Lime Pie with nice graham cracker taste
Key Lime Truffle Key lime pie with a creamy truffle on the e exhale
Lemon Pie  Creamy goodness with lemon 
Limited Addition  Hazelnut, cream and a special addition 
Macadamia nut cookie Fresh baked cookie
Marshmallow Treat famous rice cripes treat
Moon Pie Old favorite cookie snack
Moose Junk Raspberry Cheesecake
Moon Beam Vanilla ice cream with sugar cookie
No Tell U Chocolate and hazelnut vape
Nefera Creamy banana with nutty after tones
Orange Dream Bar sweet orange dream bar 
Orange sherbet Shake Creamy Orange Shubert
Oreo Cookie Rich Chocolate with a creamy filling
Peach Cobbler Straight out of the oven peach cobbler
Pear Tart Pears Covered with brown sugar 
Peanut butter Cup Chocolate and Peanut butter mixed in one
PB Custard Peanut butter and a creamy custard
Pumpkin Cheesecake Bold pumpkin spice with creamy cheesecake
Pumpkin Spice Bold pumpkin Spice Flavor
Pumpkin Custard Creamy Custard with Pumpkin spice blended wonderfully
Rabbit Cinnamon Custard!!
Red Waffle Waffle Topped with a creamy Apple
Red Dragon Light vape cream and guava
Rice Krispies Sweet Rice Krispies with marshmallow
S & M Strawberry and milk
Snicker Doodles Snickers at there finest 
Shoofly Pie sweet and creamy honey pie
S'mores Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Graham Cracker
Snickerz Chocolate, nuts and Carmel
Sugar Bear Sweet and Creamy vape with hits of cinnamon
Sticky Buns Cinnamon Buns
Strawberry Shake Creamy Strawberry Shake
Strawberry Cheesecake Cheesecake topped with strawberries
Strawberry Custard Creamy Strawberry Custard
Strawberry Dream Strawberry pie!!
Strawberry Shortcake Creamy strawberry shortcake
Sweet Tooth Sweet and creamy vape with notes of hazelnut
Toralei Creamy honey and nuts
Vanilla Custard Creamy Vanilla Custard
Vanilla Cup Cake Rich Vanilla Cup Cake Fresh from the oven taste
Vanilla Swirl Bold Vanilla
Virus Brown sugar strawberry ice cream 
Waffle Waffles and maple syrup
Amaretto Alcohol Inspired Drink
Amaretto Sour Sweet alcohol inspired drink with cherries
Blackberry Mojitos Blackberry lemon lime Flavor
Buttery Triple Alcohol Inspired Drink Buttery Nipple
Café Coffee Fresh brewed cup of coffee
Caramel Macchiato Creamy caramel macchiato
Caterpillar Dreams Green tea inspired vape with notes of fruit
Captain's Jack Rum inspired vape
Cyclops coffee mixed with caramel 
Drunkin Fruit Creamy melon vape with a kick
Eggnog Creamy Rich Eggnog with a kick V2
French Café Creamy Coffee with a nice vanilla taste
Fuzzy Navel Peach and orange inspired drink
Grape Soda Fizzy grape soda 
Hazelnut café Coffee mixed with hazelnut
Happy Hour Margaretville 
Irish Café coffee with Irish cream and a kick 
Ice Tea sweet tea
Jackal Pineapple and coconut inspired drink with a kick
Jagerbomb Famous Jagerbomb
Jester Margareta drink WNC vapor style
Lemonade fresh cup of lemonade
Mandalay Jack Daniels inspired recipe
Mad Drox Carmel and vanilla with a kick
Mojito lemon lime inspired drink
Monkey Business Jamaican Rum with Dragon fruit
Mimosa Orange juice and champagne
Monstar Green Energy drink 
Morning Dew Mountain Dew inspired drink
Neptuna A Drink that will take you out of this world
Orange Mojito oranges, lemon and lime
OJ Sweet orange Juice
Peach Tea Sweet Peach Tea
Peppermint Joe Iced Coffee with a kick of peppermint
Pina Colada Pineapple and coconut inspired drink
Pink Lemonade Strawberry and Lemonade
Pink Ice Champagne on ice
Pitch Black  Soda inspired vape pitch black
Red Bulls Energy flavored eliquid
RocknStar Energy Drink inspired flavor
Root beer Root beer soda 
Scarlet Strawberry daiquiri
Sgt. Pepper Dr. pepper inspired drink
Sucker Punch Tropical punch with a fruity punch
Tropical Punch Tropical punch flavored drink
Vanilla Cola Old favorite vanilla cola
Venus Cola and alcohol and lime
Archer creamy and fruity 
Banana Banana Runt Flavored
Beetle Juice Mango and strawberry
Black Cherry sweet black cherry 
Blackberry   Sweet Blackberry
Blackberry Honey Blackberry mixed with Honey
Blackbird Fruits mixed with licorice
Blu Jay Blueberry and coconut
Blu Melon Blueberry and watermelon
BluPom Blueberry with Pomegranate
Blue Passion Blue and Red Fruit vape
Blueberry Sweet Blueberry
BluHoney Blueberry and honey
Blue Raspberry  Sweet Blue Raspberry
Blood Promise Strawberry and Watermelon
Blue Bull Blueberry flavored energy drink
Black & Blue mixed Berries
Bearded Monkey Watermelon vape with fruit undertones
Brody's Revenge Dragon Fruit, Strawberry and cream
Cantaloupe Fresh Cantaloupe
Cherry Bomb Cherry explosion 
Cherry Sin Bold Cherry With Cinnamon undertones
Coconut Fresh Coconut
Coconut Mojitos Refreshing Mojitos with Coconut
Cosmos Melons, cream , with a sweet under cooling
Cranberry Juicy Cranberry
Da Bomb strawberry, kiwi, banana mix up
Demon Spit Blueberry with lemon and lime
Demon Berry Blueberry, Lime, Raspberry
Dark Carnage Cranberry mixed fruit vape
Dolphinz Tropical Inspired Island Drink
Dragon Fruit Sweet Dragon Fruit
Dragon's Brew Blueberries and Dragon fruit
Draculaura Pear mixed with a blood strawberry
Garden of Eden Apple and Grape
Gilligan Reminds you of being on the island!!
Goblin Grape mystery vape
Guano Apple and watermelons
Grape Candy Grape Flavor
Grapple grape and apple
Green Apple Sweet Granny smith green apple
Hawaiian Breeze Tropical Island Drink 
Honeydew sweet honeydew
Hot Fuzz spicy peach
Karma Blueberry and banana mixed to perfection
Kicker Green Watermelon 
Kiwi bold kiwi flavor
Looney fruit The name says it all!! 
Mango juicy mango
Mojo Melon with lemon and lime
Melon Berry Sweet watermelon and strawberry vape
Medusa Melons with cream under tones
Orange    fresh orange
Passion Fruit Sweet Passion Fruit
Passion Peach  Peach And Passion Fruit
Peach candy peach
Peach Melody peaches and cream with sweet notes!
Pear sweet and spicy pear
Pineapple     juicy pineapple
Pineapple Peach pineapple and peach
PMS A nice fruity mango mix
Pomegranate Pomegranate
Passion Peach Passion fruit and peach
Raspberry Tart and sweet raspberry 
Razzleberry Raspberry and Blackberry
Red Apple Red Delicious Apple
Red White & Blue Strawberry, Blueberry and pineapple
Smurfberry Strawberry, Blueberry and cream
Sparkle Passion fruit and strawberry
Strawberry Sweet Strawberry
Strawberry Kiwi Strawberry mixed with kiwi
Strawberry Nana Strawberry mixed with Banana
StrawNut Strawberry mixed with coconut
Swiss Cherry Bold sweet cherry
Thriller Peach thriller
Trinity Peach and cream with light undertones of coconut
Twisted Strawberry and melons 
Twinkle Sweet bold fruit flavor with a mellow undertone
Watermelon crisp watermelon
White Dragon  Strawberry and cream
Wild Cherry Crisp Cherry
Witch's Brew Guava with Lime
Yummy Mummy Strawberry, Kiwi and Cream all wrapped up in one
Zombie Brew Blood Strawberry with creamy goodness
Lazer Wolf Lazer Wolf
Hometown Hero Premium E-Liquid 100ml
Hometown Hero Premium E-Liquid 50ml
Goose Juice 4oz/120ml
Goose Juice 60ml
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Goose Juice
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